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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Greek Guard

Milos, the Greek guard, compete with little guard house, was hanging around feeling a little boxed in.
He was actually, guarding his little box, which evidently guarded someone else's much more elaborate, expensive box! Probably a grandiose box of a palace in the great city of Athens. Perhaps the Presidential Mansion, itself!
Milos, standing at attention,while JD painted some boxes for his school, struck up a conversation.

It's not my habit to listen in on conversations, but I believe the subject began and ended upon the subject of boxes.  

JD gave Milos a well deserved pat on the back for his box guarding attributes, but Milos, thought perhaps his job was too inane for credibility.
"Nonsense," replied JD, "why, where would we be without the perverbial box?"

JD continued his work applying black paint over primer, and I listened in as he outlined his point.

"Lest you not think a box has a reason for existence, allow me to point out some fine examples."

"Cake, pie and other delectable delights come in ready to mix and bake boxes!"

"Wondrous gifts, toys, and tools come 
 shipped in boxes!"

"Where would we house our tissues, if it weren't for kleenex boxes?"

"There are storage boxes and box cutters."

 What would have happened to the person who invented box cutters, if there were no boxes?"

"Why, there are old boxes.."

"And new boxes!"

"And what would have come of the word 'box', if boxes weren't invented? How else could we have Jack-In-The-Box, XBox, Boxers,  Bandbox, Breadbox, Glove box, Tool box, Boxwood shrubs, Box Elder bugs and trees."

 Milos gave all of this quite some consideration. By this time, JD had completed his painting task.

He had primed and painted 5 beautiful black boxes, and Milos said they looked grand indeed! He thanks JD for his words of wisdom, and prepared, once again, to settle into his guard-the-box-in-front-of-the-bigger-box-which-we-haven't-yet-deciphered-clearly-what-it-may-be, when JD spoke,
"Milos, in all the boxes, in all the homes, in all the countries, in all the world, there is one VERY important box. Do NOT forget about this one, my new friend....."

...the Jewelry box!"

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