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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Miss Helpful (Kleines Fraulein Hilfreich)

Here she is, your worst nightmare. She is Little Miss Helpful! Her name is Fraulein Miggie, because she is obviously Made In Germany (re: sticker on her shirt): aka MIG.

I know she's cute, but have you ever had a day off where you wanted to be alone, and then one of your kids, or a sibling or you spouse stayed home that day too? Well, that's where Mig comes in. She followed me around ALL day today reciting over and over, " That looks like fun, can I help you?" Only, she said it in German," Der wie SpaB aussieht ca n helfe ich Ihnen?"

"Nein little miss helpful," said I.

So she went over to bother the cat. "Tippy, that looks like a good nap, can I lay here too?" " Tippy, das sieht aus wie ein gutes Sclafenchen, kann ich auch lege?"

Well, Tippy didn't speak a word of German, so she just went to sleep. After awhile, Miggie was bored, so she came back to me. I was doing laundry. "That looks like fun, can I help you?" (Der wie spaB aussieht ca n helfe ich Ihen?)

"No thank you,"  said I, so Little MH went to find someone else to bother. She showed up on the family doll portrait's couch.
She turned to mini-me there, yes, that's me, the 1/2 pint on the couch....

So she turned to me and said, "This looks like fun sitting here.... yadda yadda"
 (Der wie spaB....und so weiter)

 When I saw the mini-me-doll start to rip out her embroidery smile, I got Mig out of there.

 I went on to set the table for dinner. And guess who was there?
 "Der wei spaB..."
 "YES, I KNOW, I will do it thank you."

 After dinner, can you imagine, she wanted to do the dishes?

"Nein danka," said I

Finally, the end of the day came and I made popcorn so I could relax. She wanted to make the popcorn, of course...

And then I told her, "Sie konnen sitzen, isst Popcorn und schaut einem Film mit mir zu."

So, she sat down and we watched a  movie and ate popcorn and she said,
"Vielen vielen Dank. Dies ist ein winderbarer tag gewesen!" 
"Thank you very much. This has been a wonderful day!"

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