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Monday, February 7, 2011

Wolfgang of those troubled Germans... You met him first in the Flying Nun's communion, where he drank beer from his Dad's stein....

Well, this little boy of mischief got into more darn trouble! Drinking out of his stein was one thing.... 
Caught in the act, stealing my beer!

And then he shares it with some WOMAN, he just met in a bar that he's not old enough to go into!

Later, he's found hugging the world's largest bottle of Reisling. Even though it's made in Wolfgang's hometown, he won't be sampling these goods.

You can see, drinking isn't his only vice....

 This naughty little boy was caught gambling!

Not only that, he crossed the Alps and found a local chalet that served him up a Swiss peace pipe!

 What ever will he do next? 

Oh Wolfgang!

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