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Friday, July 29, 2011

Doll Inventory

My original plan for Dutmer's Doll-A-Day, was to spend a year introducing all the dolls in Granny's doll cabinet. A year of dedication and imagination. (I hadn't even seen Julie & Julia then.) The idea was to clean out the cabinet (deemed scary by my daughter), weed out the undesirables, and possibly reacquaint myself with my Mother's, (aka Granny's), doll seeking travels and journeys. I had been a doll lover since I was a wee one, and I was not allowed to 'touch' the dolls in the cabinet. I can remember hours staring into the cabinet, and perhaps even back then, I created stories about the doll lives.

This past 7 months of doll blogging has dusted off parts of my imagination that had begun to rust. I have enjoyed dissecting each doll, and giving them a long awaited personality; but at the same time, the process, at times, has been challenging, frustrating, boring and exhausting.

Now, as I do inventory, this motley crew of dolls is all I have left to write about.
I still have 5 months, 1 day, 9 hours and 8 minutes left of my year's journey. I highly doubt this rag-tag assortment holds enough POW to keep the readers attention.

So, in leu of this predicament, Dutmer's Doll-A-Day may have it's life cut short. If the inevitable happens,
a. the dueling baby Jesus's will show up before Christmas,
b. my husband will be at long last relieved his harpy wife will no longer be a frustrated lump, worrying about the next day's bog,
c. I can get on with my book publishing attempts, so that you will ALL  
have the chance to place Dutmer's Doll-A-Day on your coffee table!
For now, since I still have a little more fire in me ( and a few good dolls), 
 the bog lives on!!

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