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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show Girl's New Gig

Show Girl is back on the boards in a new gig! She teamed up with the cast of Chicago's Gangster Follies one afternoon as they were rehearsing their big feather bump and grind number.

Show Girl became a huge hit with the cast, and they invited her to stay on for the bus and truck run starting September in Poughkeepsie, and ending in Lower Chemung's east side sometime late spring.

It just goes to prove the old adage, "A pretty girl is like a melody....."

"Now just hold on there Missy," whined Pretty Doll.

 "I am the pretty doll in the cabinet. My name, after all, is Pretty Doll! What makes YOU so special?"

Show Girl, having a tad more maturity plus the reassurance of her former mob connection bosses,
chose to walk away without a conflict.

And that's when Pretty Doll showed her ugliest side.

She took down Show Girl and the fight ensued!

Of course, Pretty Doll, having a good size more weight on her than Show Girl, immediately got the upper hand. After all, a PRETTY Show Girl, watches her petite figure incase there's call for a topless parade.

(I knew that would end the fight.)
 Pretty Doll got up to go purge the bacon and egg MacDuffin she ate for breakfast. 
Show girl went back to rehearsal.

"...she's like a melody that haunts you night and day...."

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