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Monday, December 24, 2012

YES! It's been a year and more since I last wrote on my blog, but cyberspace is good to us all, and in almost 2013, my blog is still here! I left you last with dolls, dolls, dolls. A personal problem interrupted the flow, and the doll blog ceased. However, never one to be held under water, a new adventure has come a float!
Even though dolls were always #1 as I grew up... in my later years...let's call it the Fall of my life, I fell traps, bee bees and gun shots for squirrels. Ohhhh, their beady little eyes and back button noses! Squirrels always have equivocal on their faces. "What are you looking at now? Where are you going now? Are you looking at me? Do you have any bird seed now? I'm not sitting on the feeder, is it yours anyway? Why are you looking at me? Isn't this my tree? Is this your tree? Is this your bird seed or mine? I didn't climb on this bird feeder, is it yours anyway?"
So, to make a long story short....I always envisioned opening up a squirrel museum. After all, we are one of the black squirrel capitols of the world! (Please don't google that.)
 AS luck would have it, I was out on a date with myself last Sunday afternoon, happened into a junk shop, and there....beholden to my unbelievable eyes....should be SQUIRREL TAXIDERMY...ripe for the pickin!
I bought them all, set them up in my humble dining room, and learned right quick that these here squirrels were just what the erstwhile blogger wanted; new squirrel meat! That is, the answer to a small town entertainment block: Roselyn and Her Inner City Squirrel Button Fly's!
( not to be compared to the Squirrel Nut Zippers). 5 squirrel Entertainment....and yes, folks, all dressed for the holidays.

Meet Roslyn ( singer),  and her life-long neighbor, Elwood (xylophone)~

Rosey's brother Biff, (keyboards)~

Their cousin once removed, Scrappy, ( stand up bass)~

And... Mai Tai, ( on ukulele)~
Woah, Mai Tai...lay off the Santa beard sauce!! heh heh

Yes folks, the  2nd generation 5 swingin' squirrels will deliver a walloping punch to your musical festivities! But for now, they are content to lay low up on the Dutmer's buffet to celebrate holiday blessings that they didn't end up REALLY on the Dutmer's buffet menu, and they look forward to yours and their, new year adventures!


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