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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec 29, 2010

rain drizzling. had to help my husband get into bed. last night with our daughter in home town. celebrating. big chevy truck. the interior seemed like a vintage chevy. large. i came home alone, after putting my husband to bed. i went back to the bar. celebrated till I was tired.
 streets quiet. I felt the loneliness of the world.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in 2010

Thanks be to all who helped us celebrate our "global" christmas.  (Actually Milwaukee, WI and Rockford, IL). It 's not often we are on the road during these holidays, and although we didn't have that down home feeling, waking to open presents secretly stored beneath the Christmas tree, we got to spend time with far away relatives and people we truly adore!

 New Year's a comin', and I will be busily hacking away on the computer posting Dutmer's-Doll -A-Day, a daily adventure from Mother's beloved doll collection which has once again, become my beloved doll/dust/collection. Please tune in and spread the love!-Nancy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome back...Nancy

I have had quite a siesta from blogging! I guess I fell off the world, but I am climbing back on. Actually, I owned my own business, and I didn't realize how time consuming it was until I closed it.

Coming the first of the year from this very sight is going to be a fun daily blog on a collection of dolls I inherited from my Mother. I will take you through their history, present day activities and mishaps. I don't think you'll have to be a doll lover to follow along. Just tune in and come along for the ride!!!!!

Here's a preview from the blog of Millicent K. Spivey, our New Year's doll:

Champagne, being her drink of choice, flowed like Niagara Falls last evening, and I’m quite sure Milly made a fool of herself at least once or twice draped on visiting Yale upperclassmen, swinging from the chandelier, and romping atop a platter of grapes trying to make “wine.”  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super biggy to me, I am not a football fan. My son, on his way out the door to a party mentioned, "I hope they have food there."
My partner (aka x-husband/new lover), said, "Don't worry there will be food. The women work all day cooking."
Then Loch, my son replied, "Mom doesn't."
HOW APPROPO! Not only don't I cook for Super Bowl, I don't participate..(as you see, I am on the computer blogging instead.)
I have occasionally been noted to watch the half time entertainment, but "The Who" doesn't trip my trigger anymore than the game. I know, I grew up in that era and should be overjoyed to watch "The Who" but you must now get SOME idea of what makes me tick since I don't like football. I don't belong with the normals...I prefer the abnormals....the artists, musicians and actors.

Friday, I had a meltdown. I hadn't painted in the studio for 4 days. I was back to 'normal' income, which is dog grooming, and because of that, I can't get to the studio since I have to go home and feed the troupes plus involve myself in any other side venture I participate in (yoga, zumba). I told John (the partner), through my tears, that I couldn't be Woman of the year because I was really an artist, and right now, a frustrated one! It was very mary Tyler Moore-ish. aka Laura Petri
We formulated a compromise and Sunday, today, was supposed to be my day for real quality, quiet time painting! But instead.....

I have spent all day wrestling cigarette-smoke-grimed antiques that I received FREE form a friend who is a realtor who said, "Everything left in the house will be tossed, so let's go get it!"  I created my karma. I was hoping to spend the day in the studio working on the latest painting, but instead, I was washing, scrubbing, polishing, and pricing estate sale 'junk' (?) Someone will buy some of it. I have an antique store, you see.
The store has finally gotten under control and was looking rather artsy as opposed to  cluttered and junky, and I was real proud. Yep, real proud. Then I got the call for estate left overs. Now I have to find SOMEPLACE to put all this stuff until the tourists, (God love 'em), rally forth to take it all away. I really wanted to get away from antiques and more into the funky and the arty, but a scavenger is a scavenger. I inherited the curse from my parents.
My Mom's philosophy: Don't throw anything out. (She was a kindergarten teacher utilizing every bit of recycled goods we could en mass for art projects in class).
My Dad's philosophy: How can you pass up boxes of junk at auction when their only .50? (He discovered auctions after retirement).
Monday: back to the shop to find a nook and cranny for all freebies, and then I promise myself, back to the studio to paint!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gone too long

Time has flown since Dec. 26, 2009, my last blog. I can't say that I have been overwhelmed with work, just taking a step back to survey the world, I guess.
Always continuing to push painting. I get about 45 minutes to an hour to paint these days. I want 4-8. There is always something that pulls me away from what I think will be my final destination, which is my art. Need less distraction and more discipline.  Work on that, Nancy, won't you? Sure Nanc, I'm on it!