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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome back...Nancy

I have had quite a siesta from blogging! I guess I fell off the world, but I am climbing back on. Actually, I owned my own business, and I didn't realize how time consuming it was until I closed it.

Coming the first of the year from this very sight is going to be a fun daily blog on a collection of dolls I inherited from my Mother. I will take you through their history, present day activities and mishaps. I don't think you'll have to be a doll lover to follow along. Just tune in and come along for the ride!!!!!

Here's a preview from the blog of Millicent K. Spivey, our New Year's doll:

Champagne, being her drink of choice, flowed like Niagara Falls last evening, and I’m quite sure Milly made a fool of herself at least once or twice draped on visiting Yale upperclassmen, swinging from the chandelier, and romping atop a platter of grapes trying to make “wine.”