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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Junky Monkey Has A Porch Sale!

You met Junky Monkey before. He is the king of hoarding, picking and swapping.

Today, he had a porch sale, and you'll never guess who he met?

The Love Pony!!!! Love Pony was our host on Valentine's Day this year. he is ALL about lovin! You can see, he took an instant liking to Junky Monkey, as well he should.
Together, they made one great tag sale duo!

They polished up the glass case by riding back and forth. The Love Pony has extremely soft, delicate hooves!

They stopped over to have a chat with the Rageddy's.
The dolls were getting a little down in the dumps because no one seemed interested in adopting them so far. But our hero Junky Monkey, snuggled right in and said to them, "Girls...and Andy,...we will have lots of porch sales all summer long, and someone is sure to snap you up for a Raggedy of their own."

Love Pony then added, "And if no one adopts you, I will surely take you in and we can snuggle all day long!" See, he is all about the lovin, what did I tell ya?

Over in the rustic section, they met another pony.

He's the Straw Horse. He's been around the block and back for several years, and is hoping to find greener pastures, off the porch. The Love Pony wanted to give him a great big pony lick, but Straw Horse thought he might be too fragile for that sort of rough housing.

So...Junky Monkey and the Love Pony went back out side to reenact the Musicians of Bremen for any passing customers.

Nobody clapped, except me, and despite the beautiful weather, Junky monkey only made a buck fifty on his sale.

But like he told the Raggedy's, there will be many more porch sales this summer. We have enough items for sale to please a multitude of passerby-ers. And that means...

                                  Junky Monkey can keep buying more junk!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Egyptian in Paradise

February 18, 2011, you met the crazy Egyptian, remember his intro?

'Who needs protests, who needs riots, politics change each day.
I'm content to be Egyptian because I'm flaming gay!'

Well folks, today I took him to a costume shop. If there was ever a drag's paradise, this would be it!!! 

'Dream Girl dresses, oh you know it! Se-quins make me insane!
I'd drape my Soul from head to toe,
because I'm flaming gay!'

'Feathers, foo foo, shears and fluff,
smother me in it won't you?
Who couldn't live without this stuff? You can't, you want it, don't you?

 'Evening wear's a Ritz affair~rainbow rows of satin sheen,
 Honey, I'd wear each one in fun, if I could be
Prom Queen!!!'

Who needs a golden moon to lay on? Who needs lame' and pearls?
Dare you ask, I'll bet my asp that I DO, silly girl!

'A golden moon is all in fun, but girlfriend what of this turban?
Ramon Navarro maybe wore it with Valentino, drinking bourbon!'

You KNOW, I love a cushy seat, this rickshaw is all that.

But tough and rough is my FAVorite stuff,
if he's buff and wears a hard hat!!!!

I don't think I'll be taking him to the rodeo this year! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gunter Gets A Visit

Two days ago, I introduced you to Gunter, Lord over the forest of Eyeneepay. As he took me to his most sacred spot in the forest, the trees bowed to him, remember?

What I didn't realize, as I left the forest, was that Gunter had escaped home with me. When I arrived to the safety of my dear little house, I reached into my pocket...
to find him....
a stowaway....

Finding him was the first surprise.

I really should have known he was here, however, for the second surprise came when I discovered that our pine tree
                  had also

The power of spirit in nature knows no bounds!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tatiana Takes A Trip

Teensy Tatiana was so ecstatic, she was going across Wisconsin! Being from Bulgaria, she had never been on a road trip. Especially, one across an American state!

The bags were packed. 
Gifts, beverages, munchies and the all-American blow-up mattress, were plunked into our car.

We travelled for a couple of hours, and her stomach began to cry out. So, natch, we HAD to stop for comfort food....


A & W!
(how could we pass up a new baked potato?)

A few hours after that, the gas tank was crying out, and we had to stop 
at a gas station.

So, natch, we stopped at....


While JD pumped the gas, Tatiana and I had a photo OP!!!

 If you're ever on Wisconsin Hwy. 94 north of Madison, this is your one stop pink elephant shop!

Even before we reached our destination, stomaches were once again rumbling. There was only one thing to do......

                               McDonald's.....with another chance for....


We finally arrived safely at our destination, where Tatiana was satisfied...
and exhausted!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Magical Forest

Meet the Lord over the Magical Forest, Eyeneepay. His name, should you wonder, is Gunter.
Gunter perched upon his podium, invites to us to explore his world, a forest of love.

Should you wonder, speaks Gunter, "Even the flowers, differentiated by separate hues, live together in perfect harmony."

Before he takes us on our adventure, we must pass through Rainbow Tree, a "Torii" gate of a kind. It symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.

We pass over a bubbling brook, beckoning us to flow, float and be free.

Then, my miniature guide takes me to see the Blah-Blah Spirits. Here, they roost upon a dying stump, slurping out it's last breath. They will blow it into our atmosphere, with one giant 'pouffff' that it will be carried upon the wind to reincarnate elsewhere in the forest.

He showed me a tree riddled with holes. The tree didn't mind, as these were portals to Faerie consciousness.  Nearly impossible for the naked eye to see, the Faeries, flit from hole to hole, entrances to invisible boundaries creating mystical worlds inside other worlds. 

There were no Faeries about, so we travelled on, meeting up with Gnarly Alder. I could not hear a word he spoke, but Gunter, quite accustomed to this sort of thing, expressed that there was indeed a running monologue pouring from Alder's limbs.

He had lived here for so long, he was all bent over at the waist, and his arms had become quite arthritic and pointy. He was apparently, inviting Gunter to smell a divine bouquet puffed from a hole at the bottom of his trunk.
I inhaled and indeed, there was quite a fragrance, and it left me in a sort of euphoric melancholy.
Gunter, knew exactly where to take me for a remedy.

He took me to a sacred place in the forest. He called it HU.

 The moment we arrived, I sensed it's wonder. And then, before my very eyes, the trees began to bow to Gunter. I was then more humbled then I had ever been in my life.
I heard a whisper upon the wind. It sang 'Huuuuuue'. It enveloped me and lured me to sit, absorb and learn. I sat for a time, not realizing the time had passed longer than expected, and I was once again revitalized...calm.... 

and feeling the love of Eyeneepay Forest.  

My little man told me we should be getting back, so I followed him around corners, across the brook, over  a marsh, and back to his kingdom, which is marked by a totem.

Gunter, quite affected by our path through the forest of love, fell asleep upon his mossy bed, blanketed only by a trio of raspberry flowers.
 I tip toed out....home to my world. 
I will travel back there again some day, but until then,  I will remember the whisper on the trees.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

The William Doll

When my friend William was one year old
He wanted a doll, to hug and hold

"A doll," said William, "is what I need
To wash and clean, and dress and feed.
A Doll to give a bottle to
And put to bed when day is through
And any time my doll gets ill
I'll take good care of it," said my friend Bill

So his father bought him a basketball
A badminton set, and that's not all
A bag of marbles, a baseball glove
And all the things a boy would love

And Bill was good at every game
Enjoyed them all, but all the same
When Billy's father praised his skill
"Can I please have a doll now," said my friend Bill

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll
A doll, a doll, William wants a doll

Then William's grandma arrived one day
And wanted to know what he liked to play

And Bill said, "Baseball's my favorite game
I like to play, but all the same

"I'd give my bat and ball and glove
To have a doll that I could love"
"How very wise," his grandma said
Said Bill, "but everyone says this instead"

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll
A doll, a doll, William wants a doll

So William's grandma, as I've been told
Bought William a doll, to hug and hold

And William's father began to frown
But grandma smiled, and calmed him down

Explaining, William wants a doll
So when he has a baby someday
He'll know how to dress it, put diapers on double
And gently caress it to bring up a bubble
And care for his baby as every good father
Should learn to do

William has a doll, William has a doll
'Cause someday he is gonna be a father, too