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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Luna and the Candy

In this past winter, our German girl was having a walk-a-bout through my house, in search of food. I never knew she had such an appetite, but she IS one of the bigger boned dolls in the house.
Spring sugared treats must be wafting on the air, for today, Luna was back on the prowl! 
I was first alerted by the Easter bunny display on our dining room table. You think rabbits are quiet creatures? Just wait until somebody steals their jelly beans! I caught Luna with her hand in the 'rabbit hole', so to speak.
Unfortunately, it was empty!

She was run off the table by a 'hare' raising herd!

And off she dashed racing into the kitchen. A waft of chocolate eggs, spewing caramel centers, drifted over the air, drawing her to a tiny candy pot.

Unfortunately, her arms weren't long enough to reach them!

So onward she tramped, sneaking for a cookie jar. 
I turned my back 5 minutes, and once again, renegade thief's get caught!
Unfortunately, she couldn't get out...

I helped her out of the cookie jar and back to the cabinet.
And just to show how stern I can be with Granny's dolls, I disciplined her in a rather cruel way.
I dangled a fresh bag of speckled jelly beans at the cabinet door. See her face light up?
I told her she will have to stand there a full 5 minutes and think about her sneaking, and THEN....

I filled up the candy pot just in her reach.

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