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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Howie, dressed appropriately in his evening wear, is a mouse musician. I caught with him at a gig this past weekend.

You might remember Howie from an earlier post. He accompanied Hodel on her way to superstardom.

This weekend, he was playing for Joe and Julie, old friends of ours who tied the knot.

I tell ya, if you hire a mouse for your wedding music, that cat gets around! He flit from place to place, dragging his tiny keyboard with him.

Here he is hanging with the brie. You know a mouse loves his cheese!

And the only fish this rodant loves is a cooked one. It became a perfect opportunity for Howie's stand up routine.... He said to me
"It's like the T in fish."
I said, "Howie, there's no T in fish." 
He replied, "Tuna fish!"

Then he added, "You know you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna-fish.
I tell ya, this crowd is killing me!"

And off he went to the cake!

I noticed people started to buy him cocktails, and then you should have seen him go!
His little fingers plunked on the piano with a precipitateness pace.

On his break, he visited with fellow musicians,

...the chef,

...and oh my heavens, even me!

Howie summed up our rowdy party with a sign he noticed.  

Somewhere along the way, he lost his shoes, misplaced his keyboard, and fell asleep on the bar. If booze is the only answer, what then, is the question...Howie? 

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