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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Snow

There were two happy campers at my house this morn, as I opened up the door to find fresh fallen SPRING snow....Nanook of the North ( see blog 2/16 and 2/22),

and Snowball, the blind skiing poodle-thingy (2/3/11).

As I put the FLANNEL sheets BACK on the bed, I could hardly contain their enthusiasm.

Snowball couldn't wait to hang ten on the sheets.....(he still hasn't discovered snow).
And Nanook has the audacity to assume we are heading into another long winter's nap.  I gave them both my seal of....


And yet later, after the snow melted, and I was in a more jovial mood,  Nannook asked if we had left the snow shovel out for Friday and Saturday's forecast and I gave her my most sincere answer.

Thumb beats another finger to the punch!

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