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Monday, April 4, 2011

Doll in a Bag

As if there aren't enough dolls in the cabinet, look who's added another. Moi. I found her...somwhere..and she clearly needed to come home, but she came, parts detached, in a bag.

I took her out..
..found some rubber bands to attach her head to her arms, and now the world can meet


She's a beautiful little doll. I could tell she would be a real go-getter when she immediately popped her hand out to me the first time we met.

Now, I'm not one to insult a new acquaintance, but I was not really sure about her dress. It seemed like it was created for a much taller doll, but she was in luck! Today was laundry day for the doll cabinet, and I assured her she would find something to fit her better in our pile of laundry.

Together, we dug out my old doll trunk and carefully separated all the doll's socks and tiny shoes. Heddy came barefoot as well.

And now, to find the perfect fit. Peter Rabbit, our Easter table decoration looked on in wonder. Yes it was a avery busy day today, but not too busy to realize there was someone else from the doll cabinet, Heddy might need an introduction to. And NO it is not Monty, the Canadian Mounty...

but rather, a similar look-a-like doll, 
These two have the same batting eyes, pouty mouth, turned up nose and plastic..uh... (personality?), no, no, composition.

The girls were not exactly bosom buddies from the get go, but I think they might have more in common than they think.

I mean, how many of us are lucky enough to have spun silk hair, and painted on eyelashes? (I know, there's always Madonna, Tammy Faye Baker and Paris Hilton.) I'll just stand them next to each other, and we shall all watch their relationship develop. (It's clearly too late for their chests).

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