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Friday, April 29, 2011

Egyptian in Paradise

February 18, 2011, you met the crazy Egyptian, remember his intro?

'Who needs protests, who needs riots, politics change each day.
I'm content to be Egyptian because I'm flaming gay!'

Well folks, today I took him to a costume shop. If there was ever a drag's paradise, this would be it!!! 

'Dream Girl dresses, oh you know it! Se-quins make me insane!
I'd drape my Soul from head to toe,
because I'm flaming gay!'

'Feathers, foo foo, shears and fluff,
smother me in it won't you?
Who couldn't live without this stuff? You can't, you want it, don't you?

 'Evening wear's a Ritz affair~rainbow rows of satin sheen,
 Honey, I'd wear each one in fun, if I could be
Prom Queen!!!'

Who needs a golden moon to lay on? Who needs lame' and pearls?
Dare you ask, I'll bet my asp that I DO, silly girl!

'A golden moon is all in fun, but girlfriend what of this turban?
Ramon Navarro maybe wore it with Valentino, drinking bourbon!'

You KNOW, I love a cushy seat, this rickshaw is all that.

But tough and rough is my FAVorite stuff,
if he's buff and wears a hard hat!!!!

I don't think I'll be taking him to the rodeo this year! 

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