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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tatiana Takes A Trip

Teensy Tatiana was so ecstatic, she was going across Wisconsin! Being from Bulgaria, she had never been on a road trip. Especially, one across an American state!

The bags were packed. 
Gifts, beverages, munchies and the all-American blow-up mattress, were plunked into our car.

We travelled for a couple of hours, and her stomach began to cry out. So, natch, we HAD to stop for comfort food....


A & W!
(how could we pass up a new baked potato?)

A few hours after that, the gas tank was crying out, and we had to stop 
at a gas station.

So, natch, we stopped at....


While JD pumped the gas, Tatiana and I had a photo OP!!!

 If you're ever on Wisconsin Hwy. 94 north of Madison, this is your one stop pink elephant shop!

Even before we reached our destination, stomaches were once again rumbling. There was only one thing to do......

                               McDonald's.....with another chance for....


We finally arrived safely at our destination, where Tatiana was satisfied...
and exhausted!

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