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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shirley Temple 2 and 3!!!

I told you how I adored Shirley Temple  when I was young, and I guess the pattern runs in the family. We have not one, not two, but three Miss Temple's in the doll cabinet!

And, can you guess who the dominate one is? Let me give you a's not our little bundle of Packer Backer cuteness:

And it's not yesterday's child, my little Colonel:

No, not the Shirley Temple icons we would imagine, but rather the Temple Bully! Yep, it's always the tall, overbearing kid. Look at her now, pulling Shirley's hair!

And see how her foot 'accidently' slipped into the rear end of our little Stand Up and Cheer baby doll!
But observe how our little heroines get even.  I was the smoke screen. 
I said, "Shirley, your dress is just adorable!" And as Temple Godzilla turned to get her kudos, the other two planned their double flying petticoat karate kick!

And that was all it took, the hair began to uncurl, bloomers were unruffled and then....

Annie showed up.
"Hello Girls, what's the trouble? 

You know, the Sun'll come out tomorrow!"

And that was all she wrote!

FYI: Temple Godzilla is up for sale. Yes, 3 Shirley's are a crowd. She is listed for sale at $25 plus shipping. Email me at