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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miggie and Tadashi on the air

Today, the follow up of Tadashi and Miggie on the radio waves! They arrived~sort of promptly~(their chauffeur having a morning meltdown), and met Mrs. Durand, in the lobby. She was all dressed in a Japanese yukata for moral support.

After coffee and a few chats, we were ushered into Sally B's studio. Tadashi has never known such technology, and Miggie was so overwhelmed with all the buttons, bells, whistles, wire paraphernalia and microphones, she completely forgot to ask Sally if there was anything she could do to help! I was quite impressed with her!

 We brought along a Daruma paper mache doll, to show Sally an item from Miharu, in the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Miharu's benefit is the reason we were here on the radio. We were drumming up support, once again, to raise disaster relief funds. 

Sally did indeed inquire about the Daruma, and Miggie explained to the best of her knowledge that you bring one home, draw in one eye after you make a wish. If the wish comes true, you may draw in another eye for another wish.

Daruma San here, only has one eye; leaving a future wish available! Miggie thinks these Japanese customs are of so much more fun than German Oktoberfest's and the like. Then Sally shushed them and 3-2-1-we were on the air!

Mrs. Durand spoke very wisely about the tragedies bestowed upon Japan. The Daruma drew some much needed laughs, and I was certainly impressed that little Miggie held her tongue through the entire interview with little Tadashi (I think she was was suddenly overcome with humility).

Anyway, our radio interview seemed a success, like we hope our benefit will be, on April 16th! 
Thank you Sally and AM 12.40 broadcasting in Rice Lake, WI! 
And now, onto the weather... 

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