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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Junky Monkey Has A Porch Sale!

You met Junky Monkey before. He is the king of hoarding, picking and swapping.

Today, he had a porch sale, and you'll never guess who he met?

The Love Pony!!!! Love Pony was our host on Valentine's Day this year. he is ALL about lovin! You can see, he took an instant liking to Junky Monkey, as well he should.
Together, they made one great tag sale duo!

They polished up the glass case by riding back and forth. The Love Pony has extremely soft, delicate hooves!

They stopped over to have a chat with the Rageddy's.
The dolls were getting a little down in the dumps because no one seemed interested in adopting them so far. But our hero Junky Monkey, snuggled right in and said to them, "Girls...and Andy,...we will have lots of porch sales all summer long, and someone is sure to snap you up for a Raggedy of their own."

Love Pony then added, "And if no one adopts you, I will surely take you in and we can snuggle all day long!" See, he is all about the lovin, what did I tell ya?

Over in the rustic section, they met another pony.

He's the Straw Horse. He's been around the block and back for several years, and is hoping to find greener pastures, off the porch. The Love Pony wanted to give him a great big pony lick, but Straw Horse thought he might be too fragile for that sort of rough housing.

So...Junky Monkey and the Love Pony went back out side to reenact the Musicians of Bremen for any passing customers.

Nobody clapped, except me, and despite the beautiful weather, Junky monkey only made a buck fifty on his sale.

But like he told the Raggedy's, there will be many more porch sales this summer. We have enough items for sale to please a multitude of passerby-ers. And that means...

                                  Junky Monkey can keep buying more junk!!

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