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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Queen Takes A Holiday

Now that the royal wedding is old news, what is a Queen to do? I can tell you exactly what she did!
The Queen, looking for an exciting evening out on the town, went to a Rosie Flores concert!!!!

Here she is pre-show, standing in rapt anticipation, eagerly awaiting some rockin-rollin Rockabilly!

As the band began, the Queen and her horse, sat/stood in amazement. They couldn't believe their ears. What jive, what thrills, what entertainment; guitar, bass and drums, all rockin' the house!!

She was so entranced by the Rosie Flores Band, out of Texas, the Queen herself, got down off her high horse, to get down and boogie!!

After a very full eve dancing, drinking, listening, sweating....the Queen HAD to buy the cd!

An autographed cd was not even the best part. Her Royal Highness received personal audience with Ms. Flores herself. 

Her review of the evening? Queen Elizabeth spoke, and I quote, 
"I must say, that this evening was the pie'ce de re'sistance" (the frosting on the cake), "to a very built up, sans boring Royal Wedding!"

I couldn't have said it better! Thanks Queeny!

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