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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hepna and Elmira, the bodiless Twins, Meet Glugen

I simply MUST apologize, because, even though you might not have noticed, I posted Hepna and Elmira's blog twice. Sooooooo, in lieu of that, there will be upcoming blogs where the girls tease you with their disguises, and prizes will be awarded if you can discover them! But for now, they have met a new woman. She is only 1/2 bodiless. Her name is Glugen.

The twins were SO excited to meet another bodiless porcelain! Glugen is from Holland. In my duplicated blog, Elmira and Hepna try on different objects to create a body (Feb 23rd).

All the girls went outside because it was such a beautiful day. Here they are trying on sticks.

Hepna found them to be way too "sticky", so off they went to our newly planted garden.

Solar lamps might be illuminating, thought the three, so they plopped on top.

Glugen discovered a fabulous option for herself. Since she has half a body, she wanted to hold reins, and ride off on a flamingo! 

You can imagine squeals of joy when the bodiless twins discovered another flamingo.

If you can see them at all here, we all agreed it didn't have quite the same impact. Plus, Hepna and Elmira have no arms to hold reins.

Elmira tried on a fish for size, but is was way too slippery. They all eventually came into have tea.

No one decided they hadn't found their ideal shape, (has any woman?), but Glugen informed the twins she would pour their tea, and carry them to any other body they might wish to try on.

We shall see what develops for them in the future.
Let the games begin!

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