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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mary Poppins Goes on a Trip

Mary Poppins was the one and only, hands down, people's choice for our mock Royal Wedding Hat Parade,
and today, the winner gets to go on a fabulous all expenses paid trip across Minnesota to IOWA!!!!!

Her carpet bag is packed and I hope she left the giant plant, floor lamp, carpet, dishes and medicine at home! Yes, here she is, our royal flush, the winner extraordinaire (there was only one vote)....
                          Mary Poppins!!!!
Oh it's a lovely holiday with Mary, 
Mary makes you feel so light. 
When the day is grey and ordinary...
Mary makes the sun shine bright!

And I HOPE so, or what a poopy weekend it will be. Mary will check back after the weekend to let you know how she enjoyed her trip.

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