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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oriental Fishermen

Small, smaller, little, tiny, petite, miniscule, bijou describes today's blog star. You have met some of the smaller smalls in the cabinet: 
The Grandchildren...........the Queen.....

Tadashi and the Nut Children,
Suzuki and Tiny Sailor Bixby Rutherford Jones.

But today, you get to meet the Oriental Fishermen.
So small, they fit on a spoon. 
Well, they were hanging about, looking for somewhere to cast their nets, and I discovered them in my tub.

I told them they could not fish there under any circumstances. Why think of the stench as they pull their fishy booty across my tub! What then would happen when we wished to shower? We'd be stepping over nets, fluke and flounder, and picking fish bones from in between our toes!

So, off they set, for a new location. 

And find one, they did!
You can't get more of an invitation that this!

Off they went to unhitch their boat from the trailer. (See them next to the yellow bar-bell?)
Lucky for them, they can't read English, or these signs might have scared them off.

Into the water they went,

and off to sea......uh....lake. And I haven't seen them since. Hopefully, they weren't picked up by a large mouth bass!


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