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Sunday, May 29, 2011


 I named this doll Peg in reference to the joke, "What do you call a girl with a wooden leg?" Peg is all wood, but not in the Pinocchio-I-want-to-be-a-real-boy style.

Peg is doll with a heart. She would go out on a limb for you, if you ever felt cut down. Yet, she's no sap.  Her family has deep roots in Tamarack, France. Her parents told her she could not see the wood for the trees, but Peg knew she would be out of the woods if she could just transplant to America.
After her arrival stateside, she was in the thicket of action. Never accused of a wooden personality, Peg rose to the top of the tree, as she made her way across America.
Sometimes she felt she was just lumbering along, but her friends encouraged her growth. In fact, Peg would grow on you if you were to meet her. She has so much pluck, she can run rings around you.
Peg was pruned for the musical saw, and clogging. Yet, she pines to learn Topiary and to marry a spruce man who will never make her cut back her deepest desires.
She's a peach alright,  the cherry on top of the sunday!

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