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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Slumber Party Part 2.

Mig, Happy/Sad Baby Doll, Pretty Doll and Luna were having the time of their lives at Nancy's retro slumber party. They danced, jumped on the beds, ate popcorn and watched a Spoooooky movie.

Then, it was lights out!

Nancy (the smart one), slept in her own bed, but the girls had to bed down in the living room. Luckily, if you're a doll, you don't need much room.
 Luna, after eating nearly every snack in the house, took her bag of Fruity Loopies to one end of the couch.

Happy/Sad doll was once again showing her frowny face, when Mig, little Miss Helpful, decided she was too scared to sleep alone; yet she wanted to watch over Happy/Sad just incase her services were needed. They weren't. Obviously there were too many late night seances, ghost stories and spooky flashlight faces for our little miss.

Pretty Doll wanted her OWN bed, so she slept on the love seat.
"Can I take off your bonnet, my dear?" I offered.
"NO!" yelled Pretty Doll.
"FINE!" quipped me.

 So off to bed we all went, and all was good again...until Luna began to snore.....

The next morning...

                WAY drowsy dolls. Waking Pretty Doll is a challenge in itself. Talk about your beauty sleep!

Mig was in some gymnastic unnatural position on the pillow, and Happy/Sad was sleeping in the center of her  two faces, so I didn't know exactly how she would wake.

Luna was already in the kitchen imploring me to make breakfast.

However, I had had enough doll fun, so I roused the dolls, straightened their rumpled clothing and put them back in the doll cabinet. Next time, if I'm brave, we'll have a boy doll sleep over.
Hmmmmmm....on second thought....

probably not.

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