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Friday, May 6, 2011

Madame Mahavira

Over in our international section, are many colorful dolls. One of them is Madame Mahavira from Sidheshwar Peth, Solapur Maharashtra, India. She is well known from the Rajasthan State, where women have exceptional good looks, and adorn themselves with as many ornaments as possible.
She came to America as a former dressing assistant to a well known Maharishi (who prefers to remain anonymous.) To support herself and her brother, a lower cast member, due to circumstances beyond his means, she began working in a local fabric store. 

Her speciality is of course, anything with bling!

Madame impressed me with her knowledge of the fine art of detailed beading & sequin applications.
She had some of the most experienced applique artists in all of India working for her.

Her expertise goes well beyond just the making of fine fabric. She also has been involved weaving exotic  jewels into ropes of embellishments.

At the store, she was involved in merchandising and display. Here she stands with a fine array of her works; colorful spool upon spool of satin ribbons.

So outstanding was she at her job, she began receiving custom clothing orders. Madame Mahavira was able to take a customer, looking like a frump, 

and transform her into a thing of beauty.

Not only that, Madame could take this same frump, and turn her into lavishment beyond lavishment. So lavished, in fact, she was ravishing! So ravishing, all were jealous. So jealous they were zealous!

So, what COULD she do, but appease to please.

Today, Madame designs for multiple customers. She is so busy in fact, she has taken on an assistant. Perhaps you know him?

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