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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Bad Wolf, Beaten With a Bad Tooth

Remember when Little Red Riding Hood went to the dentist back in January? The Big Bad Wolf was working on cahoots with an evil dentist, and tried to suck Little Red's brains out with the x-ray machine!!!

Today is pay back day, and you know what that means.....
...yes, today, the Big Bad Wolf had a toothache! My, What big teeth you have Wolfie!

A terrible stench had been spewing from our evil wolf's mouth. Even gargling five times a day didn't help  Wolfies situation. Grandmother, who lives on the opposite side of our tenacious toothy, couldn't take it any more.

She got him a dentist appointment, and today, away he went.
 Oh, poor Wolfie, look how vulnerable, helpless and lonely he looks in the dental chair.

 The better to RIP out your canine with......diabolical canine.

So terrified at the notion of modern dentistry was he, he jumped into the chair with another helpless victim! (Who looks amazingly like Roy Orbison!)

"Two's a crowd," said she, and Wolfy was ousted to his own chair once again, where the friendly neighborhood dentist YANKED out his incisor, rendering our canis lupus speechless with a mouth full of cotton.

Then, the dental hygienist, gave him proper instructions on the care and maintenance of his choppers. I saw him eying her up and down, "The better to chop you into little pieces and throw you on the spit, my dear," he was thinking with his beady eyes.

I got him out of there and home safely, where he was tickled pink and red and grey, to have such a cool loot of free tooth products!

'And the moral to the story is:
'An apple a day......

....... keeps the wolf from yapping at your door!'

...orrrrrrr....... some such nonsense.....

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