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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ambrosia of Milan

Yesterday you met a new member of the doll cabinet who was in the hat parade in honor of England's Royal Wedding. His name is Ambrosia and he's from Milan.

Ambrosia, in his swashbuckling hat, sullen stare and pouty, you-have-nothing-over-me, lips,  has as little problem with Pope John Paul's recent possible Beatification. Ambrosia thinks he is made of Pope Sainthood stuffing, and here on this blog he sets out to prove it.

He stopped by Florence to chat with David.
 "David," Ambrosia said, "What-a does-a da Pope-ah have on-a me-ah. He's-a not even alive-a-da. Look at-a me-ah, in-a my swasha-buckling-a hat-a-da. I'm-a da most-a-da hansomest-a man-a-da in a da whole-a-wide-a world-a! Capeesh?"

David, in his strong, silent muscular way...pointed Ambrosia to church.

So off to the Vatican he go, hi~ho, to speak with Mary.
"Mother-a Mary-ah-da. What-a can I a do to become a Beutificated-a like-a da Pope John-a Paul?"

Mary, in her strong, silent Motherly way....pointed Ambrosia to the alter station, where donations are received.

Ambrosia, being a wealthy snot, lit a candle, dropped some coinage, and then snuck into the catacombs to put on his Papal garb....

He then slipped into the holy chambers and posed as John Paul.
Only, he couldn't find the real Papal headress, so he had to use our Poodle's New Year's crown, and he couldn't find a christened robe, so he had to use a lace napkin.

Finally, I said to him,
"Ambrosia, gumbah...why on earth do you wish Beatification? I mean, what have you done to be Sainted?"

He stood there a little dumbfounded. He batted his 1/4 inch eyelashes and spoke,
"Saint-a-hood? I tot they-a- were-a talkin about BEAUtification-a. I know I'm-ah da most a beautiful-a man-a-da in-a da world-ah. I-ah don't-a need Sainthood. Da chicks-a all fall on-a der faces over-ah my looks-a now!"

(I am not sure how accurate that statement is, 
I will have to watch him more closely in the doll cabinet.)
Anyhoo, Maizy, the poodle, got her crown back, I got my napkin back, and Ambrosia got his lift back to the cabinet. All is good.

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