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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Casey, A Cabin Designer

Casey Rofs grew up in the hills of Appalachia. The only toy she had to play with was an old empty can of Log Cabin Syrup.
Perhaps this is what sparked her interest in cabin renovation and construction. Like I said, she grew up poor, with no chance of rising up in the world. Her home in the hills was not much larger than the outhouse on her parent's property.

As you can well imagine, Casey's up-bringing wasn't romantic, she did a lot of hard work. Her work, it seems, paid off. Her Father taught her how to wield a hammer, and that was all it took. Casey began building  
a cabin of her own.

It was small, but that didn't stop her. 
Baby steps, baby steps and then... 
she built a full fledged home for her family.

A tourist happened by one day, admiring this fine construction. When Casey was discovered as the carpenter, life changed for her instantly. She was commissioned repeatedly for fine cabin-in-the-woods homes.

Her work improved through the years, and soon, our little Casey Rofs, changed her name to
 CJ Rofschild! And then built more homes.

 Her work has been featured in many Rustic Homes books such as:
Rural Escapes
Escape is exactly what Casey did. That little Appalachian girl rose up out of her life of poverty, to become one of the most successful design icons of our century! Yet look at her, she still wears her Momma's hand sewn dresses. 

The proof is in the pudding~ she was country when country wasn't cool. 

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