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Friday, May 20, 2011

Woody Came to the Cabinet!

Looky, looky who joined Granny's dolls this week!!! WOODY!!!!!

He was a settin' around with our wooden ropin' man, so I snarfed him up and gave him a rip roarin' tour of our fair city, including all the rustic parts.

I took him to an ancient Native American Indian hut, and he posed with the Totem pole!

Woody thought that was the end all, but then I took him to the local elk farm, and he posed for my camera surrounded by antlers.

 Woody thought this town was somethin' special. But I said, "You haven't even seen the best yet!"

At the local pub, he did some ridin' and ropin' himself, on a giant lynx!

And then.....

he fell.....

in love.....yes, she was a fox, alright, so I couldn't argue with him.

I had to peel him off of her. I said, "Woody, pardner, we have to get back home, there's someone I want to introduce you to before you meet the other dolls."

And there, waiting in the back yard....

                            was.....the Love Pony.

And it was really love.  Now he loves her and she loves him and they both love everything in this whole dad-burned cotton-pickin' world, an why the h-e-double toothpicks, wouldn't they?

                                                                     What's not to love?

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