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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slumber Party Part 1.

Last night, Mig, aka, Little Miss Chatterbox, Pretty Doll,  Happy/Sad Baby Doll, and Luna, had a slumber party with Nancy! Only Happy/Sad and Nancy had really cool pj's, but they still all got comfy and Nancy told them what they were going to do for fun!

She said that they were going to have a party like she did when she grew up in the last century! Pretty Doll then made some comment  like, "The last CENTURY! Well, no wonder you have lost your youthful look. You won't be pretty like me ever again." 
To which Nancy gave her a stern look telling her to 'be quiet and play nice, or you will go back into the doll cabinet.' 

Nancy said they used to talk about boys all night long. She didn't have any of the good magazines like  Tiger Beat, but she did have a swell Flash Gordon supersized  comic book!!!
All the dolls swooned over Flash in his tight tights. Then Luna asked if they ever had snacks at the olden slumber parties, and  Mig told me that she would gladly go and get some snacks for every one. Then Pretty Doll piped up and said that a pretty girl has to watch her weight.
Then I said. "Let's move on, shall we?"

Putting on make up:
Pretty Doll was first in line for make up. Mig wanted to put it on everyone, but I said it would be much better if I did it.  I couldn't find my cold cream, but we had about a thousand colors of lipsticks, nail polish and eyeshadow to enhance our inner beauty. This is where Happy/Sad baby began to pout. She said she was so confused about her inner and outer beauty. After all, she was created with a happy side and a sad side, so what's a doll to do?
I told her not to fret, because at a slumber party everyone is always happy! Later, in informed her, she could run around on the pillows and scream like all young girls do.....for hours...until Mom yells, "THAT'S ENOUGH, LIGHTS OUT!"
She perked right up!

What would a slumber party be without music? I got out the record player and we listened to our favorite hits on The Sting.

That's not the cool singer Sting, that's ragtime with Scott Joplin! Of course little miss helpful wanted to put all the records on and push all the buttons. Happy/Sad
turned her frown up side down, but Luna said the rumbling in her tummy was louder than our music. 

I couldn't take it anymore, so I caved in and gave her a cookie.

Note her delightful smile! Hopefully, I can redirect her food obsession until we get to popcorn. We still have to paint our toenails, tell ghost stories, speak to Mary Worth, lift the dead body (light as a feather), have a pillow fight, call boys on the phone~squeal and hang up, and run around outside in our jammies!
Oh, what fun this will be!!! 

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