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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thumbelina, Thumbelina, Tiny Little Thing

She isn't Thumbelina, but she is Gerlinde, a small imp of a doll.
 She lives with the Faeries, in her Faery world.

Gerlinde travelled the world on her pet Flamingo, Ferd.

she discovered great masters in far off lands.

 Yom, taught her how to sing for fish. Together, they sang a song so beautiful, tiger lily's wept, and fish bubbled over to bask in their tune. 

Although Gerlinde thought all that was wonderful, she needed to find a spot her Mamaw had spoken so dearly of. It was a magical place, they had gone to together, when Gerlinde was but a thimbleful of bubbling baby.

She flew off on Ferd, and landed next, upon a magical mushroom!

Gerlinde heard tales about these mushrooms, so she put it to the test. Without words, she thought a childhood memory, and the mushroom puffed a long, deep, " Poooooooooffffffffaaaaaaahhhhh."
The next thing she knew, the mushroom spoke to her in her brain. It mentioned she should cover her head so waves would be contained, and lucky for her, a small, white capped mushroom offered up his head for her tiny skull. 

Miniscule Gerlinde, popped the white cap on her top, and

 she was laying on top a very old toad. 
He was a Zen Toad. His name could not be heard above the din of the earth, and he spoke not a word, yet, he told Gerlinde the place she needed to go; and to go there, she simply had to think, 'Mamaw, I love you.'

Her thoughts raced to her beloved Mamaw, and she was transported through time to here....

...a very petite house in the woods.
"Hellooooo," called Gerlina. "Anyone home?" 
Could this be the home of her childhood?

A rush of the wild wind, whispered her answer,
It ushered her in, and inside was her beloved Mamaw; nothing left of her but a pile of sticks and dust.
So, Gerlinde lay upon the sticks in darkness, and a warm love swirled around in her brain and enveloped her body in a hug so huge, 
her eyes squeezed shut, and she drifted off to dream land. 

she dreamed she was a tiny doll living among the Faeries.   


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