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Monday, May 9, 2011

Planting Day!

Little Nancy and the Turk, worked together to day to save sapling seeds that were in possible peril.

Nancy nursed these teensy seeds from mail order packets, planted in mid-April,

yet the plants didn't seem to be thriving as well as they should. Nancy was frustrated and worried, our Bonsai expert,

the Turk,

stepped forward to help.

Together, like music in motion, they transplanted delicate tendrils to various pots.

It was a new experience for the Turk, as he was only used to training old plants to grow small. Now he had to teach small plants to grow large!

Tender plants, a variety of violas from Canada and Japan, were begging for blacker dirt, warmer sun and freedom in our long delayed spring weather!

Nancy and the Turk, (who dated in high school, ironically), transplanted, watered and released their vegetation to nature; to nurture, mother and tend. All happened on Mother's Day too, which made the entire event more meaningful. respectful and hopeful.

Mother Nature won't let us down! 

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