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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Hat Parade

In honor of the British nuptial dress code, our dolls have donned their hats, and created...
                                                 "Granny's Hat Parade!"

I welcome your vote, as we travel through the "original" Queen's hat decorum. Should you MAY be eligible to win a doll from granny's cabinet!
DISCLAIMER: (That depends on how many voters, how many votes, how many dolls, the price of postage, the price of my lunch as I travel to the post office,and, of course, the price of gas...if I eat Mexican that day).

I give you....the Hats!

Number 1. Mary Poppins....hmmmmm, we haven't even interviewed her yet on this blog....She dons a lovely, tasteful, and predictable, blue felt shaped hat with a rose...rose. Just a spoon full of sugar Mary...

Another Brit trying for the advantage is..... #2. the Queen's Guard...
Talk about a brown nose.

#3. The Belgiam.
Another felt hat, but large enough to hold a package of Oreo cookies, three Snicker bars, one pound of garlic mashed potatoes, and a dozen triple glazed, chocolate dipped, Dunkin Donuts~plus the box it came in. Nice try Luna.

#4. Granny Applehead (otherwise known as Grandma Perky) 
She is wearing typical Granny wear bonnet with a garland of petite flowers. Understated, yet comfortable.

#5. Nanette
No no, Nanette. You have an evil, conniving smile. Could it be you are visiting the casting couch for votes? I don't care if you're from the roaring 20's, that mentality is out out out. Unless you know Rob Lowe.

OMG, Pretty Doll. Okay....the polling place is closed,  the ballots are in.

(Smoke screen....she has such an ego, you know.)

#7. Brigitta, the (choco-holic). A tempting dark, rich colored bonnet, trailing strands of flavorful, full bodied black chestnut hues, covering her tight little Swiss cacao colored hair.

#8. Milano Dandy.

"Hey, I'm not a dandy! I may have a fancy-full, swashbuckling hat, but that does not mean I do not like women from every corner of the earth! I can tickle any fancy with my plume, and do not ignore my delicately lashed blue eyes.Grrrrufff. Rrrrroww. I got your hat, Queen Elizabeth...right here....woof!"

Oh yes. O...K...manly man.

#9. The Girl from Siam. One of King Monkut's tintinating beauties, she has a prong on her head to satisfy any shark, onshore or off.

#10. Serrvey from Africa.
"I bought my hat on like?"

#11. Seniorita Contessa Delago Con Rio. Now seriously, who doesn't like a sombrero? Heh heh
(And if you don't vote for her, I can't guarantee she won't pay a visit to your home town..... with her gauchos).

#12. Last but but least, oh no, not least at all, in fact, he might be the MOST doll I have had to deal with since January 1st. I give you.....
The Egyptian and his pointy little Asp.

Ok. I didn't mean pointy, and I didn't mean A_ _ !!!!! I said ASP! Now tuck in your snake, and lets get to voting!!!!!

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