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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toilet Training

I felt it was time for the three boys to learn some toilet training. After all, being without pants, diapers or undies, one is susceptible to tinkling where ever one wishes. So, I took the three of them, Peter, Dinky and Willy, to our pot.

Unfortunately, as I was teaching them the "sink the boat" concept, they were all a little overwhelmed at the austerity of a giant loo.

 Luckily for them, I happened to have 3 small potties just their size!

Willy chose the "stand-like-a-big-boy-and-urinate" method, only his legs were too short. Matchboxes are great  tools to have handy.

Peter chose the "sit-n-pee". 

His hardest challenge was to actually get his water in the toilet. He has a powerful stream!

Dinky chose to use the "balance-with-your-strange-pointed-head-and-squirt" method. 
After all, if you were created with a tinkle squeezing helmet, you might as well put it to use! I found Dinky to be the most successful of the three.

However, just when I thought we were making some headway, they all pulled away from their throne's and made their way to the closest plant. Running and squealing as little boys do, they hopped to the base of the miniscule tree, and ceremoniously forced out their last drops, with an itty-bitty shake and wag. 

I guess it just goes to show you, you can lead a horse to water, but if it's a boy, you'd be better off leading it to a tree. 

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