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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Night

Some of the girls gathered last night for movie night. Apparently, there was some squabbling among the inmates and these 5 wanted to get out to breath fresh air. They chose a chick flick, I guess, because 1/2 way through, I heard a lot of sniffling from our living room.
The dolls who were dying to get out of the cabinet for film night were (L to R)
Brigitta, Mammy Beloved, Ilumina, Casey and Miriam Yoder.....oh yes, and Tippy, our cat.

Brigitta, was all hunkered down on the pillow, Beloved had organized the kleenex, remote and dvd. The other girls were waiting for popcorn and Tippy was having a hard time getting into the show.

Then I went on about my business. After an hour and a half, I came back to the room and all the girls were prostrate with grief! Beloved was doling out kleenex. Even the cat needed one!

They were all sobbing and miserable, so I suggested that perhaps this wasn't the best choice for movie night.
They all perked right up and wailed through their tears that it was one of the best films they had seen. My husband couldn't take it, he went to bed and I suggested to the 5 of them ( plus Tippy,) that they put away the kleenex and go back to the cabinet. After another 5 minutes of moaning, blubbering and wimpers, they finally agreed to go back.

Then I told them, "Remember girls, 
Tomorrrow is...another day....."

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