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Monday, June 13, 2011


Unbeknownst to me, there is a highly skilled, yet very dangerous doll in the cabinet. She looked to me like a mild mannered Swiss or Austrian peasant doll, but after I fiddled with some of her limbs, I realized, she was no ordinary doll.

She obliged my by lifting her skirt to reveal her inner workings.....

And much to my surprise, she is made of metal! Aside from the clay hands and head, this is one heavy metal, mechanized doll!!

She further obliged me and bent over to reveal....


And then, without any prior notice, she darted off the table, only to reappear with her gun in tow. Attempting to pick off a lowly chipmunk, she became...


I pulled the gun from her hand and she skydived off the couch, through the air, did a full somersault, and landed on the poodle....

 giving her one bad-ass  ROBO DOLL!!!!!!! karate chop to her neck! 

That was all we could stand. I ran to the garage and got a bad-ass super magnet, and JD stopped our fiendish fiend with the pedal to the metal!

Prone and helpless, I secured ROBO DOLL!!!!!!! to the fridge with a couple of clampy magnets.

That should hold her long enough to teach her a lesson.
After she comes to her senses, I will put her back into the cabinet, and off to bed with the others.
She will once again go back to the mild-mannered Austrian, I originally thought she was.

Here's the moral to this story, Robo Doll....


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