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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Polish Dancers

Meet the Polish dancers in their fine traditional dress~Agnieszka, (Agnes), and Stanislaw, (Stan). They have been dancing in couples competition since they were 10.

Agnes hails from Byalistock, where her Mother was also a traditional Polish dancer. Her Mother, quite old school,  used to carry a large stick and smack straying ankles if toe points became kicks or kicks became flicks.

Stan, Agnes's 3rd cousin, came from the country, grew up on a working farm, and learned to dance with the sheep as they were sheered. His Father, fearing Stanislaw to have some strange attraction to the beasts, sent him early on to Byalistock, to Mother Onufrius, for true dance lessons,  where he knew he would be beaten within an inch of his life if he stepped out of line. 

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