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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Capsule Girls

First there were The Dolly Sisters. Then circa 1960, the Lennon Sisters. Who will ever forget the Shirells, Supremes, Shangri Las, Go-Go's and Dixie Chicks? Well folks, now you have another group to add to your all time favorites....

May I present to you.....

THE TIME CAPSULE DOLLS!!!!!!! (brought to you by Miller High Life)

Who knows where they came from? Who knows their promoter?  Who knows their talent? All we know is they are BAD! They are so bad, their good!

They're so RAD, They're radical!

They are so SIC, they're sickening!

And watch out world, cause when they get down....
They ARE down!!!!!!!!

Catch their concert, Saturday night at the bank's drive in auto-tube-suck-machine.

Thrill to the sounds of the air power! Marvel to the sights of four syncronized Time Capsule Dolls,  as they travel up and down the tube!!! These Dolls will rock your world, people. DON'T MISS IT!!!!!

The Time Capsule Dolls are proud sponsors of Miller High Life.* Live the High life in your futuristic time capsule!!!! Six packs of Time Capsule Dolls available at your local grociers.

*Miller High Life does, in no way discriminate between time capsule dolls and other dolls of race, creed or religion. It reminds you to play and drink responsibly, and don't leave your time capsule dolls out in the rain. No animals were harmed in this promotion (except the side of beef Evil Mons, the French capsule girl, put away Saturday night with a pint of beer and worchestershire sauce.)

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