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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Mermaids

Two mermaids live with the dolls. They were living on separate shelves, though, so I brought them together on my dining room table with 2 statuary mermaids. They had much to bubble over since they had been apart for many years.

They were overjoyed to meet some vintage lovelies, and while the four were getting to know each other, a modern mermaid backstroked in. She stopped long enough to inquire about sunscreen.

After their chat, I figured the girls would like some swimming time, so I took them out to the birdbath.

As they began to sing and swim, Madman Monkey McGee heard their cacophony and decided to join them on the fiddle. It was very clear he was rather taken with these lovely amphibic beauties.
I dare say, he was not the only one either!

I removed the girls so they could dry off in a stained glass cave, and our hunk of a hunkin Canadian happened by. He immediately fell head over heels for the maids.

Monty was wooing them, in his stoic, charming, Canadian way when along came the little spitfire Simone!

 Unbeknownst to the mermaids, Simone has had her eye on Monty for quite awhile.
 ( Remember Simone, can get very possessive of her man. See photos from the past where she's challenged the dolls over her supposed lover).

So, Simone shows up to kick some mer-tush. Only, she can't find the tush, because mermaids don't have one!

Therefore, she karate chopped the fin instead!

Then she did a jump and slam onto the other mermaid.

 That was all I could take, so I hollered, "Fish Fry!" and the two mermaids slithered back into the doll cabinet, giving Simone one whale of a wallop with their tails.
Monty, who had long ago declared there was some emergency he was called upon to do, had vacated the area.
And and stunned Simone was carried back, still kicking and cursing ala Francais, to the doll cabinet.

After she cools down, I will have a thorough talk with her......if I can find my English/French dictionary.

I know one thing for sure... no more late night Napoleon ice cream for her!

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