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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polish Dance Lessons

Yesterday, you met Agnieszka and Stanislaw, the Polish Dancers. I encouraged them to share their talents with some of the other dancers, and they happily obliged.

So, I set up a dance floor, and mirror ball, and soon the floor was filled with eager dancing couples.

From left to right we had Raggedy Ann and Andy, the Polish dancers, the Swiss Woodies, our Makin' Whoopee Honeymoon couple, and the Windoms.

After lesson time, all the couples were left on their own to dance in a friendly competition. Unfortunately, we had a few mishaps along the way.
The Raggedy's started out with an impressive adage dance.

Our Swiss Woodies, unfortunately, discovered they had two left feet, four wooden legs and eight flaying limbs which wouldn't hold up their torsos, so they were out of the competition early on in the evening.

The Windoms, who we previously discovered have a severe communication problem, apparently solved it by slow dancing.....quite closely.
Mr. Windom was eventually disqualified when his wife passed out from a lack of oxygen.

The Raggedy's, meanwhile, attracted the judge with another astounding move!

Our Honeymoon couple couldn't get close enough to dance together, due to their cardboard platforms beneath their feet. They gave up to go spoon under the Harvest Moon.

Wait, though, there is a disturbance from the wings.....Oh no.....look who showed up. 
Simone and Lu Lu tried to crash our competition with a Can-Can kick off! Monty, (aka) hunky Canadian was called into service, and both girls disqualified themselves for a date.

As the evening waned, and the competition wore down, it became clear, the victorious winners were the Raggedy's!
They wowed the audience one more time with a final flip, throw and toss of our dear little Andy.
I heard a far off crash, but he called out that he was alright.
So, all in all, our dance-off was a great success, and even though the Polish dancers have no more desire to train amateurs, we may encourage the Raggedy's to enter further competitions.

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