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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flexy Czechzie

I found a doll dated 1937 from the Czech Republic in our cabinet; Karina the Flexy Czechzie.  I guess I should quantify this by stating she was from old Czechoslovakia, behind the iron curtain, where, I imagine, she learned to master her talents while making babushkas and peeling potatoes in the frigid cold.
And what is Karina's talent you might wonder?

Her legs are a contortionist's wonder! That's why they call her Flexy!
Imagine if you could twist both of your legs completely backwards? Why, you wouldn't know if you were coming or going!

Sure she can do the splits......

...even Chinese splits....

...but how about back splits...with her feet pointing inwards!

And that's only the half of it.
She can dislocate her pelvic bone, to throw her leg over her shoulder!!!

Not one little leg, but TWO legs, working in complete unison!!!

No wonder the boys in the neighborhood have taken such a shine to her act!

All I can advise is to keep eating your calcium, keep your skirt down and  get a good stretch before any strenuous activity! 

(I might add, that with those talents,  her Mother should keep her locked up behind an iron curtain.)

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