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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Three Bears Revisited

You have met two of the three bears in Granny's cabinet before. They were around flying koi kites during Children's Day. They are Walter Payton and Mike Singletary. Today they are joined by Eyesic bear, so named because his eyes fell out.

The bears decided it would be fun to act out a play, so they chose The Three Bears. But, in order to act it out, they had to get into costume. Walter and Mike decided to take steroids so they could beef up and play the older parts. Eyesic thought all that was just ducky, since he couldn't see anything and never really knew what was going on. Here is their story:

Once upon a time, there were three bears. Papa, Mama and Baby....

On one fine sunny day, they left their house and went for a walk in the woods in search of ants, bird feeders or tourist trash to fill their enormous belly's.

While they were gone, Goldilocks (aka Harlequin White), and her little cat (aka TF Wuzzy, another bear in cat disguise), came upon a clearing where there were 3 houses set up.

Goldilocks wished for a cat house, so her feline would cease sleeping on her golden hair in bed at night. When they saw the first house, they both agreed, "This is MUCH too big!"
Off they went, over to another house.

"This is MUCH too small," sighed Goldilocks, "Let's look at another." 

TF found Mama Bear's house to be juuuuuussssstttt right! 
Yet, their search wasn't over. Goldilocks wanted to find a chair for her cat to sleep on, so he wouldn't get black fake fur all over her white dress.

The first chair was TOO BIG!

The second chair was too soft!

The third chair was juuuuusssssttttt right.

Yet, just when TF was going to curl up and act like a cat, the three bears came home!!!

Goldilocks ( aka harlequin White), is generally fairly non-plussed about anything (unless it's white), so when large bears appeared, she didn't even budge. She told them flat out that she neeeded space for her cat/bear to stretch out and feel his wings.
This all threw our bears for a tizzy, as they never heard of a bear with wings, let alone a bear who was dressed as as a cat, so instead of chasing her off the premises, they all sat at the picnic table and had brats and brews~(Harlequin had a White Russian.) 

And the FOUR bears lived happily ever after....that is after he steroids wore off....

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