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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Li Chan

You met Mr. Chan last winter. He came over from China and struck it big in China City, CA.

Today, you meet his daughter, Li Chan. Li had an unfortunate accident while traveling to America. Her right hand was taken off by a barracuda as she was feeding the whales.
This handicap never put a damper on Li Chan's life. She thought of her hand as a donation to a hungry fish. It was karmic payback. And possibly, because of this, is why she decided to help other Chinese immigrants acclimate to the United States.

Li set up a Chinese museum right on the shores of California, where she landed on her journey. 
She hoped that perhaps her hand might return to her, washed up on the shore, and she is still waiting. Here she stands with a chest full of washed up body parts she picks up on the beach. They belong to some unfortunate sailors, swimmers or travelers.
Li Chan feel great honor to hold these for  as long as it takes.
Here she stands with the drawers filled with artifacts.

These are the many Chinese statuaries guarding at the museum.

Li Chan poses here with the opium bed they keep 'on hand', incase any of the unfortunate amputees show up looking for their parts.

Of course, there is also a meditation area, where one can pray to the Buddha for healings of dislocated members.

Li Chan and all the other volunteers at the museum are standing ready to take you on a tour. If you are ever on the shores of California,  or searching for a loved one's lost appendages, please stop by.

Complimentary almond cookies and tea served daily!

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