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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mom's Famous Raggedy's

Anyone who knew my Mother, knew she was cah-razy about Raggedy dolls. She had a kids corner in her house, where the Raggedy's all sat in miniature chairs, or doll scale beds. I inherited the Raggedy's along with the doll cabinet, and lo and behold.....there happen to be two cabinet sized Raggedy's. Meet Ann and Andy.
(Ann must be a Wisconsin girl, because she has that hormone growth syndrome working for her!)

Even I know why my Mother, aka: Granny, loved the Raggedy's. It was because of the Raggedy Ann and Andy books that were probably bought for her when she was a young girl, and consequently, handed down to me as I followed suit. 

And wouldn't you know it? We even had a Beloved Belindy book. She is the character I based Mammy Beloved know Mammy Beloved, the doll house Nanny~

I invited the Raggedy's to stay in the doll cabinet, but before they settled in, I thought it might be nice to visit some of their old pals, who are waiting on my porch for adoption.
You can see, these Raggedy's were more than happy to hug and kiss the little ones good-bye. They did it in record time too, I dare say, because Mammy Beloved was anxious to get them home and in place, and settled in for the night.

She didn't want any Raggedy antics like they acted out in those books!

No sir-ee, Mammy Belinda took Raggedy Ann and Andy to the doll cabinet and she told them where to stand and told them how to act and to "Hush up, when yo caretaker Ms. Nancy is talkin to ya."

So, here they are at home long last, and my Mother, (aka: Granny), would be happy as peaches in Georgia, to know that some of the Raggedy's were able to stay with the family. 
Mammy Belinda is happy as a pig in......cow poop, that she has a couple of new charges to look after.
Now maybe she'll let up on LD and his bedroom!

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