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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snow White

Of course, everyone has heard the adoring story of Snow White. Well, since we didn't have any proper dwarfs to complete our tale, we had to improvise using the short dolls. Also, the director usurping her creative license, changed their character's names. [The original names are in brackets.]
Let me introduce you to our new cast:
(From left to right) :[happy] Harrison Richman as Obnoxious
[sneezy] Kuwanayamtia as Snot
[bashful] Pinocchio as Boring
[grumpy] Suzuki as Crabby
[doc] The Flying Nun as Nursey
[sleepy] Tadashi as Pooped
[dopey] Wolfgang as Druggie

And with that group of nare-do-wells, let me introduce you to our star:

Snow White, playing herself as Snow White!

"Now wait a Gosh Darn Minute!" I hear yelled at me from the shelf. It's Annie, and her face is all red.
"Annie dear, what seems to be the trouble?" I ask.
 She answers, "This week was supposed to be about the dolls making up FAIRy tales, and so it's not F-A-I-R that Snow White gets to play herself. I want to be Snow White!!!"

"Yeah, I want to be Snow White too!" I hear hollered at me from behind. I turn to look, and it's Harlequin. "My last name is White, so naturally, I should get that starring role! Besides, I AM the fairest of them all."

"Oh brother," I cough under my breath, "Here we go again..."
"And what about me?" pipes up Red Doll. "I am red, and that would lend an avantguard feel to the story. Snow White is Red! Anyway, it would match the stupid names of those dwarfs!"

"Ok, ladies, I think we are getting a bit off track."

"OH YEAH????" someone yells.

I can only imagine what this is going to be about. I turn once more, and there is Tintinabulla. "Tin tin," I plead, "This isn't Cleopatra, it's Snow White. It's about naivete, love and purity."
"Yeah, so?" she asks me, "I am a pure love machine!"

And as they say in the Three Little Pigs, THAT was that last straw.
I left the room, returned shortly to introduce to the dolls....

                                             the EVIL QUEEN!!!!!

Fairy Tale OVER!

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