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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Doll Has A Playday!

Red Doll had the pleasure to babysit a little boy today. She thought it might be fun to play hide and seek with him. She said to him, "I am going to hide somewhere red, and you shall find me." The little boy studied Red Doll to remember what she looks like, so he could find her.

She said, "Take me to your play area, and we will begin the game! So the little boy said, "Follow me!" and away he crawled to his favorite play place.


Then Red Doll hid in the first spot. "Come and fiiiiiind me," she beckoned.

The little boy looked and looked.

"There you are!" he squealed, "On the big red ball!" So Red Doll ran to another spot.

"Now, come and fiiiiind me!"
"I see you, I see you," he said. "You're in the red cup!"

"Oooh, you are so clever," said Red Doll, "but now I will hide where you will never find me!"
Off she went to hide, and off the little boy went to seek her....

"Am I getting warmer?"inquired the little boy.
"Oh, yes," cried Red Doll. "You are soooooo warm!"

"I see you, I see you!!!!" giggled the little boy. And then he crawled away. Red Doll was puzzled.....
"Where did you go little boy? Are you tired of our game?"

Little boy said, "No, I like the game, but now I want to find Green Bird!"

Red Doll sighed and said, "Ok little boy, you play hide and seek with green bird, and I will chop up some ripe strawberries, rosy cherries and red delicious apples for lunch!"

That was fine with the little boy. Then he added, "And after I play with Green Bird, we will eat spinach, lettuce and peas!" 

It was a colorful day for hide and seek!

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