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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hossley Hedgehog

The third and final hedgehog in Granny's cabinet is Hossley. She is a Swiss hedgehog, which made for a very uncomfortable situation when she showed up at Aquafest, thinking it was Oktoberfest!

She informed me she had crossed the border many a fall, to experience German drinking parties, and um-pa-pa music.
This party not only didn't have um-pa-pa music, it had light beer!

Hossley did, however, tip her hat to the vendors.

Cheese curds, lemonade and deep fried veggies? Yuuuummmmm

Hot Dogs, brats, home-cut fries dripping in cheese sauce? Root beer, chicken on a stick and the smell of angus burgers on a grill, wafting through the air?
Clearly, summer is officially here, and Hossley will have to wait for the crunch of leaves under her feet instead of the delicious crunch of a candy apple, to experience her American Oktoberfest....

but  I think she will patiently wait, 
after she parties all weekend!

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