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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Oh, and they didn't live in any special houses~~~~~~they were just little pigs.
That is, they ate too much!
First, there was Brigitta, she was a choco-a-holic.
She could smell chocolate five miles away! She believed the delectable cacao added to her rosy complexion!

Next, was Luna....

She had snack attacks 20 times a day!
( Luna was a proud sponsor of the Kellog and Keebler corporations!)

Last, but certainly not least (judging from her size, there is nothing least about her), there was Robin Redbreast~
She would eat basically...anything.

So, as you know the story, along comes this wolf, uh, dressed in a Granny outfit..Okay, he was a cross dressing wolf. Anyway, he comes along, digs Brigitta's dress, and decides to take if from her.  So he begins to huff and puff...

But he can't blow down Brigitta. She is a sturdy woman, and the wolf passes out.

Undeterred, the wolf moves on to Luna. She is dressed in traditional Belgian clad, and wolfie wants it. So, he huffs and he puffs....

..and he begins to see big black dots forming before his eyes. Then, no sooner than you can say Jack and the beanstalk..

...the wolf is passed out on the floor. Luna tried to revive him with Limburger cheese ( her favorite), but he was unconscious.

When he came to, he decided to go after Robin. After all, a wolf disguised as a bird might be a good cover!
So of course, he huffed and puffed....

.....and he puffed and he huffed......
             and he began to feel a numbing in his left arm....
.....and it felt like Robin                 
                          was standing  on his chest.....

....and before you could say Pinocchio, wolfie went into cardiac arrest and was rushed off to the hospital.

The girls decided to celebrate with a huge lunch,

and once again, all lived happily ever after.

By the way, wolfie was treated for mild angina, kept over night at the hospital, and released the next day. Word on the street is he no longer cross dressing, but is heavily into tattoos.

Oh ya, all three little pigs are due for a cholesterol check this month.

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