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Friday, June 17, 2011

Why the Wicked Witch of the West is So Wicked!

You wonder why the Wicked Witch of the West got so mean? You wonder why she wanted those ruby slippers so much? It's because she lost one of her shoes. How would you like to go around with one shoe?

She looked all through her closet, and simply couldn't find it!

A she was ranting, I told her to calm down. I told her I had plenty of shoes that might fit her. So, little Miss crabcakes sat down and the shoe fitting began.

First we tried a green shoe. I figured, she was green, the shoe was's a perfect match!

WRONG! She offered to turn me into a toad so I could wear the green shoe...I told her to once again, breath deep, and I would find another.

The Cinderella slipper. I thought it might give her the warm fuzzies all over if she had a crystal shoe. Man alive, was I wrong. 
"Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! What a world, what a world." she cried.

Ok, ok, settle......hey witchy.....look what I found!!!! The ruby slippers!!!

She tried stuffing her size 12 feet into the delicate morsels, but the effort came to no avail. I sang to  her, "Man, your feets too big. Can't stand ya cause your feets too big."
She gave me the evil eye, and I retorted it was a famous Fats Waller song.
Then she told me she would gladly sing a little ditty for me called the "Devil Went Down To Georgia,"and then she'd send me down under to enjoy it! (She wasn't talking Australia, either).

I then found a delightful shoe, which I knew she would hate, but I thought it was worth a belly laugh.

At this point, she tried to swat me with her broom. I decided to get serious, and I only had one more option left.
This was left over from the Ebineezer Scrooge Doll, who one day disappeared when a ghost stopped by. He seemingly went off with only one slipper on. I thought it was a match made in heaven, and when Witchy Woman found out it was ol' Ebeneezer's, she happily got on her broomstick and flew off....

(hopefully over a rainbow).

It just goes to show you, there's no business like 

Nyuk nyuk.

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