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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hansel and Gretel With Colorblind Casting

Hansel and Gretel were walking through the woods on fine, summer day, when they happened upon a gingerbread house, covered in delicious, delectable candies!
Naturally, they went to explore it's sugary goodness. When they arrived, to their surprise, there was an evil witch waiting at the house.

"NO NO NO! CUT!" yelled I.
"This is about colorblind casting, not type casting. We can't use the witch and these cute doll kids."

"Well," said Gretel, "Hansel is colorblind and so he can't see a green witch. He sees her as orange!" ~ "WRONG," I bellowed. "Bring in the new witch!"
At that, the Wicked Witch told me she would destroy my beautiful wickedness, so I better be watching my back. Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke....

and the new witch stepped in...

"CUT!!! We can't have this gargantuan Witch and these tiny dolls. How could they possibly push her in an oven?"

Enter~the new Hansel and Gretel:

Horace Wilkie and Nanook of the North.
(Now THAT'S what I call colorblind casting)

Now, we all know how the story goes right? Fine, then we are going to cut to the end. The stove part.
Hansel and Gretel push the evil witch into the stove....

But~right as they almost manuver her in,

she turns around, bursts into song and dance, singing,
"Animal crackers in my soup."
That's what you get for casting Shirley Temple!

Which to me, is as fine of an ending as any other. Besides, we can't get too technical with this doll blog.

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